Wish - SetLayerToObject untwirls and focuses on the active layer

With large models and complicated layer structures, SetLayerToObject and the other layer commands are absolutely essential for productivity. I reviewed the other posts on this topic, and haven’t seen mention of this potential quality-of-life improvement.

Very often I run this command, and while it saves me some agony, I still have to go on a scavenger hunt through hundreds of layers looking for the bolded selection, then untwirl every necessary sublayer until I finally get to what I’m actually looking for. This can take 10-20 seconds and breaks focus.

I want rhino to center the active layer in the panel’s scroll bar and untwirl every necessary sublayer, so I don’t have to do this every time myself.

I hope this is possible, or that I’m overlooking something. It’s a typical feature in many other layer systems I’ve used. Thank you for reviewing.

Not sure if this will help in your case, but here is a great script which highlights the layer relative to the selected object. Having to deal with countless of layers and sub-layers is a real pain, this is where the script proves to be a convenient way to figure out the very layer consisting the selection.
Another cool thing about the script is that it’s able to highlight multiple layers at once when you run it with two or more objects selected together and each of them is set to a different layer.

HighlightLayers.py (683 Bytes)

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Hello- In V8, HighlightObjectLayer will do the unravelling - like the script in Bobi’s post. I suppose it could be part of the command you mention though, I’m not sure if that would be generally welcome or not - it might mess up a useful view of the layers.



Thank you kindly. I saw this script in the other thread but misunderstood what it was intended for. This is currently working well as a standalone command or chained after SetObjectToLayer in a single alias like I was wishing for.

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Thank you sincerely for replying. I’m very glad to hear this python script will be an official command in V8. It’s working well for me in the mean time. You’re right, it’s better to keep the functionality separate from SetObjectToLayer since they can be easily combined into one alias. There are definitely times when you might want to set the layer to an object while retaining a view of other layers in the panel.

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