Wish: Selection of a group inside a major group

I just wondered is it possible to select a group of objects (lets say curves) that were later added to another group? At the moment, when I hold Sift+Ctrl, I can select individual curves, so I can’t select the entire sub-group from the main group. It would help if the “Selection menu” window also includes a “group” type among the objects types.

Example: Objects named from 1 to 5 are grouped. Then, they are added (as a group) to another group consisting objects named from 6 to 20. Could the sub-group from 1 to 5 to be selected without using the “Ungroup” command? It is even more messy if multiple groups were grouped into a single major group.

The reason to use groups inside groups is because sometimes a bunch of curves could be used as profiles for extrusion, or several polysurfaces, two points and a line in the center could represent a bearing assembly. And these individual assemblies (groups) are then added to a major assembly (a major group that holds together all child groups).

Another thing about the “Selection window” menu that could be further improved is to show the name of objects that are inside a group when all of them share the same name. For example, currently when trying to pick a group near other objects, Rhino shows the following “group - Group174”, even though all objects inside the group (curves, points, surfaces, polysurfaces) are named “Bearing 6004z”. A “group - Group174 - Bearing 6004z” would be a more appropriate indication upon selecting those grouped objects.

Hello- - if you name your groups ‘rationally’ you can use SelGroup to get at them. A difficulty with mouse selection is that groups are not exclusive, they are are really just selection sets, so objects can belong to multiple, not just nested, groups.


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Thanks for the clarification! Looks like there is no way to select a group within a group with the mouse. However, using your suggestion I found that if I use the “SetGroupName” command it allows me to rename a group. That’s also a solution! :slight_smile: The only “problem” is that if I use the “SelGroup” window to select named groups, it will select all of the groups that share the same name (say, 50 bearing assemblies across the entire scene).