Wish: Rectangle TextDot without border

Hi can we please have the option to have rectangle TextDots?
And the ability to have them without border.

(I am sure custom text color and background would also be appreciated :wink: )

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+1 , and option for NO BACKGROUND at all.
ie. Just the text and the ring around it. Michael VS

Yeah, no background would be great.

We’ve discussed other solutions to this problem. I think the best one is to have a “flag” and “dot” attribute on Rhino rich text objects. As soon as we provide non-dot looking text, it will be about a millisecond before users start asking for rich text support in “dots”. (There are currently 3 existing issues in our bugtracking system for supporting rich text in notes.)

I would suggest that the “text” command have a UI check boxes for “flag” and “colored background” and we get rid of the dot command and dot objects. (We would provide either a “dot” alias or some other way to insure the thousands of scripts that create dots continue to work.)

Otherwise we end up providing similar features and UI (ability to right click and edit, edit in properties tab, rich text, fonts, blah, blah, blah) for “dot” and “text” commands and one object will almost always be missing a feature the other has.

Hey @dalelear, does your suggestion for a ‘dot’ attribute mean that we would interpret things like the height as a pixel height instead of world model units? What about things like the alternate text that we are adding support for? Just trying to get a better picture of your design idea.

@stevebaer When in “dot” mode, the UI “height” unit would be points (or whatever the units are in the current Dot command). When in “annotation text” mode, the UI “height” unit would be millimeters. (Same as in the current WIP)

We could let the user decide on the units, but I’m a proponent of less in more as far as the height units setting is concerned.

Okay, that is what I thought you meant but wanted to make sure. I wasn’t suggesting that we add anything extra to height.

I’m still struggling with a unified user interface for defining this text that works clean. Maybe controls could appear/disappear when put in dot or text mode. That leads me to still think that it may be cleaner to have two separate user interface dialogs like we currently do.

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