(Wish) _pipe with option deformable

currently my students use _pipe with small (0.3 mm) radii to mark drafting lines on 3d-printed parts. The parts serve as prototype / molding. There is some struggle with Boolean Union / Difference, which seams to be related to the Surface Seam and Knot structure of true Circles.

_circle deformable, around curve
give more robust results - and enough precision

so maybe it would be nice to have a deformable option for:
(and all other circular / similar commands ?)
and would be nice to allow Degree 1 starting with 3 points ( a Polygon like curve in section…
Degree 1, 4 points will result in a square like pipe…

I am not in a hurry with this wish - but it would be nice to have.

kind regards -tom


plasticity can do it…

RH-81874 Pipe > Deformable
RH-81875 Cylinder > Deformable


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thanks @pascal
(for the deformable Pipe I have a real use-Case)

for the others - it is more a conceptual / academic question:
… and for sure some more ?

Hi Tom - yeah for solids like capped cylinders it does not necessarily make a lot of sense but for un-capped ones I would say that it does, so may as well have the option. For Torus… there would need to be two settings, I suppose, to do it right.