WISH: Mouse cursor position in relation to geometry for the GH Player

Many native commands in Rhino utilize a mouse cursor position to determine the desired direction for the command e.g. Offset. I would like to have a very simple, yet different Offset command made in Grasshopper Player but the problem is the direction of an offset.
Some Grasshopper component that would allow for control over the direction is needed. I imagine it could be plugged as a boolean input in the Stream Filter component so only one solution would be baked.

Probably it’s possible with some plugins or own code, but is an important part of command execution so maybe it would be better to have the official solution.

You can use mouse component from Parakeet plugin like this:

Offset.gh (5.2 KB)

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Thank you, so far it’s working well and I can live with that :slight_smile: Later probably I will test it with other operations like curve extending. It can be hooked to give live feedback about distances, a lot of possibilities.