Wish: History on by default for dimensions

Over a longer time now I’ve tried to work with History permanently turned on.
I do not find it all that useful and at times I edit a parent without intending to edit the child.

For dimensions, however, I feel that history should be turned on by default - even when ‘Always Record History’ is not turned on.

I’m sure there is at least one person somewhere against this and thus chances of getting this implemented are slim…

Perhaps there could be an option (I can already hear all of McNeel’s staff groan) under Options > General in line with the ‘Run these commands every time Rhino starts’ and ‘Never repeat these commands’ where users can add commands that automatically turn on history before running.
Perhaps only dimensions on layouts should be history-aware (but that is less consistent).
Another way would be a ‘secret’ option in the Settings Editor.

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Well, that goes back to my argument when History was first introduced to have the possibility of having it per-command instead of global.

…and yes, there were loud groans. :scream:

Having it as a command-line option in every applicable command would enable you to create macros with it on or off as desired, but maybe that is too complex. Perhaps another solution would be to have an options page with all the history-enabled commands and radio buttons on/off. Most users would use that in one of two ways - either turn all off and just turn a selected few on, or the other way around.


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