Wish: EdgeContinuity show direction


alias (?) screenshot from handlebar3d

I would love to see the deviation-comb to show the tangent direction error-direction.
above demo ranges from -12.7 to +12.7 and i would love to see a comb that points inward / outward depending on +/-

Cyberstrak can do it as well.

@Peter_Salzman great plug-in


I count on you to support this topic !!

@Peter_Salzman - hope your plug-in can do it better !!

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If I understood you correctly this is already possible in Cyberstrak using the CSTransition command - please have a look to the attached video.
The option “Normalize” brings the comb to one side, switching it off shows the direction. Sky brought this idea to my attention a while ago. Btw the command shows the difference angle between the Normals.
At the end you’ll see also the effect of the “Dynamic Handle Update” mode that you can activate/deactivate with the dock bar.

great - I added a screenshot and mention in the initial post.
thanks a lot (currently I am most times on a mac)… but I will check your plugin soon