WISH command "Fin"

The “Fin” command, you could add an interactive rotation option (very convenient, type plug-in VSR), for example, useful for making the flanges. In addition, you could also add an option to insert intermediate points, with constant mode, cubic, etc. (that allows to obtain a flange from the variable profile.
It would be a good idea for Rhino 6 …!


It would be helpful if the command was called _Flange because that’s what it creates…? In moulding/model making/casting and engineering terminology it makes more sense.

It’d certainly make me smile.

Following on that train of thought (mould making) it would be really handy if the _Flange command was able to add a linetype-like option where you could choose between a few ‘keying’ options to apply to the curve you’ve selected on the surface:

Sine wave, serration or truncated serration which divides the curve on the surface by a value/integer.

Ignore the clash with the example I’ve provided, the frequency of the wave would have to change in order for the two parts to nest.

Flange_Command.3dm (1.2 MB)

Ok, all perfect! For an orthogonal profile is fine, but if you want a profile extrusion, for example, at 30 degrees? The command is a little limiting.