Wish: bounding box with history function

Hello, it would be great if there was a way to activate the record history for the bounding box component, also the possibility of aligning the bounding box with the objects like the example image.

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I second that. A “Lock” option for a bounding box whose original orientation is constantly locked to the orientation of an object used to create the former would help with repositioning of the object in the 3d space, especially if the latter must be modified by length.

As for the history possibility, I think that it could help with situations where a hexagon or a drop-like shape or any other shape is rotated and the bounding box adjusts its size depending on the overall size of the object, while remaining oriented relative to the Cplane. Example:

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I generally use the bounding box to know the dimensions of the pieces, it would be great if I also had the option to add that information in some way, for example


I have a script that does something similar, maybe it works for you…

  • world-oriented box, the dims are in dots, the box is in surfaces but in ghosted mode, the box and dots are grouped for easy deletion. It is however not parametrically (history) related to the original object(s).

BoundingBoxWithSize.py (3.5 KB)


Thank you so much
is there a way to make it work with record history.?
I also see that it provides information on both the area and the volume. can be added at an annotation point, to also view it

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The volume label could be attached to the corner which is shared by the other 3 labels for the X/Y/X directions. If the BoundingBox could output curves, that also would help to view the object(s) inside in a shaded mode.

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No, as far as I know a bounding box is not history-enabled. That would be possible with Grasshopper, obviously.

It provides the volume on the command line - mostly because I used it to calculate the raw material needed for machining parts. The info could be put into a dot, but it will get pretty cluttered on screen.

Yes, I suppose that is as good a place for it as any.

That is why it is in persistent ghosted mode - to see objects inside it. Wireframe should be possible, it then starts to need some command line options. What is missing right now is a CPlane oriented box option.