Wish: Alternative wire path styles

One of the greatest struggles I have with grasshopper is getting a visually clean definition. We are essentially writing code, and with more complex definitions, wire start going everywhere. Often times, I will have components/groups that reference earlier and later section of the script. Wires end up crossing backwards, all over each other, and through groups which they don’t even connect to.

I think it would be really nice to change the wires visual path, Thus allowing for the visual cleaning of definitions. This would enable fast understanding of scripts by having clearer visual lines showing paths and flows of data.

Some of the improvements I think would be nice are:

  1. Square wires, meaning wires can now make 90 degree turns, are allowed to travel vertically, and even “backwards” through the script.

  2. Wire Ties, where in wire can be “tied” together, similar to a zip tie use for cable management, allowing groups of wires to be bundled and visually close together, possibly implying similar types of data, origins, or destinations.

  3. Wire path reset, that can remove all user defined visual parameters for the wire and restore the wire to default visual parameters. This should be on an individual, group, and global basis.

These are just a few things I find myself looking for, especially as I attempt to make diagrams. I’m curious as to what other people might be wanting too.