WISH: _SetLayerDisplayMode

Hi, I was wondering if there is a chance that in Rhino 6 we could apply the command: _SetObjectDisplayMode to a layer, so that any objects in that layer would have the selected mode applied to it.



That would be very handy.

Since that is an object setting, are you suggesting that if I placed an object on that layer, then moved the object to a different layer later, it would carry the display mode with it? Sort of like dragging the object through an ink well?

yes, that has been wished for before. +1

I can’t figure out what problem that might solve.
Can you describe how that would improve your modeling process?

No actual problem @John_Brock! Thank you for asking.
Sometimes, while modeling jewelry, It would help to set some pieces as a different material, for example, set the display as Shaded, but only the diamonds as wireframe (Gemvision Matrix uses blocks for the gems, that slow down the viewport fps, when I’m are dealing with a 100 stones or more).
Or while drawing an architectural model, have just the glass on the windows as “Ghosted”…
Or any other situation, that for visualization purpuses, you benefit from seeing different parts of the model rendered with diferent settings…
Maybe @Jarek,or @jespizua could have another use that I didn’t though about…
As I said, not an actual problem, just an idea. :+1:

The part I don’t understand is how the Layer is involved.
As you know you can select objects and set the display mode for them. Then that overrides whatever the layer setting happens to be.

Assuming this new feature you envision was implemented, what would be the steps you would use?

The advantage would be that every object created or assigned to a layer with a different Display Mode would already be set to that display mode, without the need to activate the command.
And when you took the object out of that layer, it would comeback to the active Display Mode like the other objects.
For example:
Among the layers there are four, named "Diamond, “Ruby”, “Garnet” and “Pearl”, each with a different custom Display mode assigned to them.
As I draw, create and position the stones, all the pearls and stones already become shaded like their layer specifies, without the need to activate the command after that.

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I think Diego’s aide a solves a very important problem: it gives the user clarity and visibility of what objects have a custom display mode just by looking at your layer stack. Especially if you want to combine various layer states. Right now _SetObjectDisplayMode is a very inaccessible tool. Not easy to find the functionality, and no easy to access it or change it in any fluid manner. I even created my own tools to make sense out of it:

…but layers would be a better managements. unless you can save custom display modes as part of the new Snapshots tool :sunglasses:

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Hi Diego - I’ve had this wish myself , more than once - I think it is on the heap



This would be a huge help to architectural modeling.
Often I work in shaded viewport mode to speed up modeling, but all glass materials I like to keep as wireframe to help sort out visually what is clear vs opaque. As I model and move objects to the glass (clear) layer it would be helpful to have it automatically change to wireframe mode rather then having to select those objects, type set object display mode and set to wireframe.

Related to this it would be great if linked models/geometry display modes could be controlled by layers if need be.