WIP Display panel elements broken

For example checking and unchecking “Mesh wires” doesn’t work at all. (works via Options)
Also the horizontal scrolling is weird, when I check the box, shouldn’t do that…

That’s not all that seems to be broken in panels, for example Show surface isocurve checkbox in Properties. In V7, if you check it it automatically defaults to 1. In the WIP it remains at -1 and thus the isocurves don’t show until you increase the density control.

Couldn’t reproduce your issue, I had the previous WIP build and just updated to the latest and still works fine on my side.

Hi @Helvetosaur, there are two panels atm, yours is not the right one, see here


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Hi Mitch -

I’ve reported that part as RH-71710 Properties: Show surface isocurve issue