Windows 11 Short Review

If you are running AMD’s CPU you should have Firmware TPM (fTPM) in your Bios.

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Yes, @tay.alrawi is right. After turning it on, I was offered Windows 11, on my desktop computer, on which I still have Windows 10.


As a long-time computer user, I am becoming increasingly angry at Microsoft lack of user respect because of Window’s erosion of privacy, diminishing user control over the computer, and the removal of useful features.

It’s upsetting that I have to go though the trouble of making a custom icon-just to shut down the computer fully–even on Windows 10.

Also, even with Windows 10, there are way too many services on a clean install. There is way too much scheduled crap. (There are also problems with latency and resource hogging, which is a real problem, when recording music.)

Agreed on everything, now setting up an OS is not just about installing and customizing but I feel more about de-Bloadting, I generally remove disable the items below:

Software that I don’t need.

1- Remove OneDrive (I’m using another Cloud Provider)
2- Remove Cortana
3- Remove Meetings
4- Remove Skype
5- Limit Search indexer to Start Menu Items (I use Everything mentioned above)
5- Disable Background Apps (I use WinAero Tweaker)
[6- Disable Telemetry and Diagnostics] (How to disable Telemetry and Data Collection in Windows 10)
7- Disable Windows 11 Widgets
8- Remove all Manufacturer’s utilities and install lightweight alternative. Fan Control for Cooling and [OpenRGB for Coolness] (
7- Remove Nvidia Crash & Telemetry.
8- Remove Autodesk’s crapware (Genuine Software service, Autodesk’s AutoCAD Performance Feedback Utility)

I use a combination of Startup Management, Apps and Features, Services.msc and Task scheduler to get this done.

Also, I acknowledge few resources hogging tools that I can’t live without:
1- My Browser
2- 3Dconnexxion 3dxWare. This thing takes approx. 1% of my CPU, but I can’t live without it.
3- Wacom Tablet
4- Chaos Cosmos Service (To quickly load V-Ray Assets into my Rhino Model)
5- My Cloud Backup tool.

It is a lot of work, but In my opinion it worth reclaiming 10% of your hardware so you can make a heavier and more detailed models.


And this is just the beginning! With all the cloud, subscription and IOT all your stuff can be controlled and shutdown at any time.

I use this on script on clean installations of Windows 10, there are reports it works pretty well on Windows 11 too;

It seems like the system administrators are the main ones to cut through all the advertising bloatware these days.

And relating to Windows 11;