Will Sub-D provide new and better ways to fillet?

I tried my best to match input parameters in the Rhino command approach, using the Brep as input and the results are way worse:


Yeah the seam edges are having 0 effect in this condition. We’ll need to look into adding support for Brep input on the QR component. I have created this YT for the issue.


yeah i agree, taking a look now. Definitely feels like a bug.

EDIT: on first look it appears to work as expected via the command without brep edge support. I’ll dig a little more and see where things are going sideways.

Adding a mesh component inline solves the issue for today. I think the YT I mentioned above would still solve this since that same scenario will still generate a better mesh with or without the edge detection.

I’ll also see if the mesh created by the default grasshopper brep to mesh conversion can be improved as well. That rounded edge feels buggy for sure.