Why would hatch be at different angles?

unnamed-partial.gh (27.6 KB)
I am hoping that they appear uniformly oriented.

Hi @ct.rhino ,

Likely the surfaces and/or curves generating your boundaries have different orientations in the XY plane.

If you evaluate these with the Evaluate Curve or Evaluate Surface or IsPlanar components, I expect you will find that the XY axis directions are different from on another.

You can also bake the curves to Rhino and run the Dir command to reveal.

I’ll take a look at your file when I’m on my computer again but I would recommend checking the above in the meantime.

I suspect it’s that you have a mix of counterclockwise and clockwise boundary curves as a result of your script logic to the left of your screenshot.

You could also use list item on your boundary curves with index 0 then use that as the guide curve for the Flip Curve component to orient all curves to math that direction, then feed those into your hatch boundary input and it should all show the same rotation for the hatch pattern.

Hope that helps!