Why Result be like this? Please Help

First of all I’m sorry for my bad English.

I try to create a surface of backplate of iMac Computer

I try 2-3 ways to create a smooth surface such as Curve Network, Rail Revolve …
But, The surface is not smooth. It’s have edge X-Cross appear on my surface

Please Help me… :confused:

One way could be this:
Try making a planar surface, rebuild it with 4x4 uv points, grade 3 and pull up the 4 inner control points.
From there you can rebuild it with more points and move them (always symmetrycally) to refine further the shape

have a look at the approach shown here: http://www.bluesmith.co.uk/tutorial6.htm

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How do you do like that? I try to rebuild a rectangle surface but my result be like this.

I attach my original file sir
iMac.3dm (33.6 KB)


See/read this method: