Why is my Isotrim larger than my surface?

I don’t know exactly why, but i just wanted to divide the surface in equal parts but there is gap at the edges.
Anyone know why?

Thank you

pannellingcards.gh (5.8 KB)

I don’t see that exact behavior. Input and trimmed areas match on my computer.

But… you are converting a curve (rectangle) into a surface. Generally this will result in a trimmed surface with a bigger underlying untrimmed surface and a trimming curve that matches your input curve. Depending on various settings (probably Tolerance but maybe others I’m currently not aware of), Rhino/Grasshopper may shrink the UV base surface to match the minimal outline of your curve. Looks like for some reason that is not the case for you.

If you Isotrim the surface, you are using the Isocurves of the untrimmed base surface. This base surface is larger than your rectangle in your case. The way you create the surface, you have no definite control over how it is created.

If you need exact control, don’t rely on grasshoppers “magic” autoconversion. Build the surface so you can be sure its to your specs. Like create a line for your height, move the line according to your width and loft both curves.

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you were right about the srf conversion.
I just recreated a surface from points (debrep + srf4pt) and it isotrimmed correctly.

thx for your help!