Why is my file size so large?

I have created a file with 3000 small spheres and it has created a file that is 600mb in size. is there a better way?
Very slow in viewport to move too

19 x 144 = lots balls

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Well blocks would help but a single sphere is pretty simple anyway. Are you using SaveSmall? You meshing settings may need adjustment.

Hi Jim
thanks, meshing set to quick and jagged… I will try a save small.


So saving small reduce size to 13mb! But then it will no read into Keyshot!

Save Small + Keyshot = NO GOOD

Hi Richard- you might try setting the spheres’ custom meshing (in Properties) to some very coarse setting- i.e. only a few polygons, assuming they will not be seen up close individually.

Also, you can Mesh the spheres (again, as coarsely as you can get away with) and then Join all the meshes into one and delete the originals- that should help file size quite a bit and work with Keyshot as well.


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ExtractRenderMesh from the objects + Join gives one mesh even though it is made from multiple balls. This should speed up the rendering as it only needs to render 1 mesh instead of several hundreds.

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Or better join the mesh with the same material only. :wink:

Thanks, meshing seems best way forward. Trying to get this effect, not sure if I am going about it the best way!

Hi Richard,

Why not use a texture, to ‘fake’ the geometry?
An image file as a material onto a block.
Maybe even with a bumpmap to simulate some relief.


I know what you mean Willenm, I need to produce 80 different versions so I am trying to work a best way forward.

just brainstorming:

create a perforated mesh with holes like so:

Next position the 80 text versions as a planar surfaces behind it.
In your example above you would just need the letters LED SIGN as surfaces positioned behind the holes.
Maybe in keyshot you can make a glowing material to have the red surface glow through the perforated mesh.

indeed there is:


Or get a font simulating led matrices like these:

Type in Rhino and explode to get curves, next make them into planar surfaces for export to keyshot.

Thanks Willem, both nice ideas I will try… Attached is my original idea first render

This idea my friend is genius! You can create direct as surfaces from text!

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Hey you got it working another way?
Looks really good!


Hi Willem,
client wanted more detail in the end so I had to model all the LED seperatley. BUT the convert to mesh helped in file size.

Thank you for your help

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