Why does trees go black and white when changing pc

So the trees and shrubs which I got from Land Design for Rhino is rendering fine and green on my pc but when I open the exact same file in another pc it is not rendering in its colours, somehow the materials is not coming with it why? What should I do?

Hi Diana,
that’s because the materials point to a texture file that is not available in the new PC.
Texture files are automatically generated when you insert a plant. Since you have inserted it from the “old” PC, the texture files are present there.
You can easily solve it by updating the nXt plant representation in the new PC. This button will force the nXt plant block to be reevaluated and its texture files regenerated, this time in the new PC:

Another option, suitable when you don’t have Lands in the new PC is, from the old PC, to save the 3dm file with the “Save Textures” check box enabled.