Why does the component change the appearance?

I have a custom component written by c# like this:

i just want to double the component and show a window
but when i write the double click & add window code,the result is this:
the component is totally has nothing! but good thing is :when i double click it ,window shows:joy:
Who can help me to explain this…Thank you!
code is:

You mean the message string on the component shows only zeroes?

If so, you just need to assign a new message to the component, and make sure the attributes are expired after you do so.

no…the whole big component with 5 input(P,E1~E5) suddenly change into a green small component. without input…as the picture,but the small green component canbe double click to show a window…

Then you must be replacing the attributes of your component after it already has attributes. Plus your attributes class doesn’t inherit from Grasshopper.Kernel.Attributes.GH_ComponentAttributes, so it wouldn’t look like a component.

You should only ever assign attributes once, from within an overridden CreateAttributes() method. Here you can assign a new instance of your custom attributes to the m_attributes field of the component.

David,i have the code of m_attributes…may be should it upload the code…

public class FromPlToMovLinKRLAttributes:GH_Attributes<FromPlToMovLinKRL>
    public FromPlToMovLinKRLAttributes(FromPlToMovLinKRL owner) : base(owner) {}

    public override Grasshopper.GUI.Canvas.GH_ObjectResponse RespondToMouseDoubleClick(Grasshopper.GUI.Canvas.GH_Canvas sender,Grasshopper.GUI.GH_CanvasMouseEvent e)
        FormGetKRLDoc f1 = new FormGetKRLDoc();
        Grasshopper.GUI.GH_WindowsFormUtil.CenterFormOnCursor(f1, true);


        return Grasshopper.GUI.Canvas.GH_ObjectResponse.Handled;

    //public override void ExpireLayout()
    //    base.ExpireLayout();

public class FromPlToMovLinKRL : GH_Component

    public override void CreateAttributes()
        m_attributes = new FromPlToMovLinKRLAttributes(this);


At the very least this:

public class FromPlToMovLinKRLAttributes:GH_Attributes<FromPlToMovLinKRL>

should be:

public class FromPlToMovLinKRLAttributes:GH_ComponentAttributes<FromPlToMovLinKRL>

But I find it very suspicious. Someone is assigning standard GH_ComponentAttributes to your component, otherwise it would not look correct at first. I understand why your component looks like a blue/green box, but typically the only way Grasshopper assigns attributes to objects is by calling the CreateAttributes method, which in your case should always result in your blue/green box.

I’m digging through the entire code-base now, trying to find a way in which different attributes might be assigned by some object other than the component. It will take a while.

I’m not seeing what could be going wrong. Can you create an attribute/component pair of classes that do not require any of the assembly references yet still show the problem? I’ll need to debug this here and I don’t have access to all that KUKA stuff.

David,i try your method change into componentAttribute,it works!Thank you very much!
I think the attribute is very difficult, so as to I cannot know how to raise a question…:joy:
I need to learning more and more about API and C#.Thank you again David!

Yeah but there’s still the underlying problem that the wrong kind of attributes are assigned initially. It may work now, but it just masks the underlying problem. Still, maybe it’s a rare and unimportant issue…

David,i am not very understand you,but seems it very very difficult …
i have another question:
i try:

then i change it into:


it works......

yeah my bad, I remembered GH_ComponentAttributes to be a generic class, but it abstracts the generics of the underlying GH_Attributes by just using GH_Component all the time.