Why does Rhino have an issue creating a surface?

Hello. I’m a beginner. but I was trying to make a surface out of a closed curve, resembling a pattern.

Now, I wish to make this a surface but surface from curve creates a slightly off surface, it’s close, but the end looks slightly fatter than what my curve has drawn.
(Left original curve. Right, when made into a surface)

I don’t see why rhino has difficulty in simply making a surface of this shape. The curve is flat( is 2D) so it doesn’t have knots or any 3D points, so I don’T see a problem.

I think is only a visualization problem. the surface you see is a mesh aproximation of the nurbs surfaces. you can set different values from


Thanks! I thought it’d be super accurate but seems not, got that.

is hard to tell without the file

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