Whish: execute Rhino commands in Grasshopper

Not for all Rhino components there is the equivalent in Grasshopper and it would be impractical to create them all. It would be interesting to have a component that can execute Rhino commands in a Grasshopper environment.
I suggest 4 inputs:
First data input on which to perform the operation.
Second input command name.
Third, a panel with all the settings of the command, if not put, is executed with the default rhino settings
The fourth that needs a True / False value or a Button to start the command

two silly examples:
for commands like _MergeAllCoplanarFaces you don’t need the third input

for commands like _Smash you need the third panel where with a Yes / No list you can decide how to apply the command

I know that not all commands are that easy to implement because there are nested options but it would be interesting to think about it