Whirlpool mesh

I’m looking for some inspiration as how to generate a mesh that looks like a whirlpool.

I want to be able to better control the slope of the vortex… i.e. the rate at which it goes from flat at the edges to vertical at the centre.

I want to add a sort of helical twist, not just to the mesh face but as almost a texture, as per the images and be able to adjust the amount of this effect.

So far I have a sort of hole!
WHIRLPOOL1.gh (19.4 KB)

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Perhaps some sort of playing with polar coordinates like this?
whirlpool.gh (11.0 KB)


There may be more that can be done with this approach (sine wave attenuation and damping)?

whirlpool_2020Nov9a.gh (23.4 KB)

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Any chance of a screen grab so I can put the multiplication components in and connect everything up please? (I’m on R5)

Thanks! I will spend some time on this later!

I like this version better because it moves the circles vertically as Step #2, which yields a reference surface. Sine wave points are moved using the closest point surface normal vector instead of Z.

whirlpool_2020Nov9b.gh (26.7 KB)

No effort yet to damp the sine waves but it might look better if their amplitude was minimal (zero?) for the outer and inner circles and maximum in between.

Hi -

This is the Rhino 5 version of Daniel’s definition.
whirlpool-rh5.gh (13.5 KB)


Thanks for the help and inspiration.

I ended up here…

WHIRLPOOL3.gh (20.0 KB)

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Looks good but…


Well I don’t know how to not use Mesh WeldVertices. It’s from the Mesh tab but clearly from the MeshEdit Components Plugin.

I’ve got rid of the Intralattice Mesh Preview (a nice quick way of previewing a mesh with edges) and Kangaroos Naked Vertices which I didn’t use in the end.

If you know how to weld the vertices of a mesh then do that after the initial mesh is made…

WHIRLPOOL3.gh (18.0 KB)