Where do my Imported files go? Import Command Data Management

Hello All!
I have done some forum digging on the site and failed to find a result so thought to make a new post seeking to answer to the (hopefully simple) question: Where do our files go when we sleep?

I have been running some iframe instances of my shapediver script and receiving a notification when someone uploads a file, but when I attempt to access the S3 bucket my permission is denied.

My best guess is that this a ShapeDiver S3 Database that is storing these files, meaning I am not a registered user (obviously) and am unable to do anything further with them.

Two questions:

Is it possible to redirect this storage to an S3 instance that I do manage so I can act on these files?

Has the shapediver done any work on the automation of data import/export storage and management (meaning not copying the URI into the import command) that I might have missed on the forums?

Thanks for the help!



Hi @eliwilliams1337!

Which files are you referring to? Your Grasshopper model? Files uploaded for ShapeDiver’s Import Geometry/Image/Text parameters?

I wonder which type of notification and S3 bucket you are referring to. Please explain.

You can of course use an S3 bucket of your own, or any other online storage service that allows you to create publicly accessible links. These links can carry a signature, such that they are only accessible for a short amount of time. Then you feed these URLs to one of the Import components.

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Hello Alexander,

Sorry for the informal styling in my last post!

The files that I am referring to throughout are files that users submit via ImportGeometry parameters in my ShapeDiver script. Through my website (which is hosting my iFrame) I can see a submitted file passing though the site but it disappears after a few days and I do not have access to it when I visit the s3 link. This is referring to a ShapeDiver owned bucket with a specific signature type? Is there a simple way to change this to a bucket that I own?

Based on your last chunk, I am understanding that I can have my users upload a file somewhere else in the site to my own S3 bucket and then return that file through the URI input of an Import component. This is a potential work around, although I would love to have all ShapeDiver submitted files in the same bucket as the users other data.

Curious if there is documentation on this that I may have missed!

Thanks for you help,


I have difficulties understanding your request, therefore some questions below.

Are you talking about an email received based on the email export component? Some facts about download links contained in those emails:

  • they are time-limited for 7 days
  • they are not links to S3, but to our backend

Therefore it confuses me that you are mentioning S3. Please explain.

Please explain in detail the challenge that you want to solve, then it hopefully will become clear to me.

Hello Alex, sorry about the confusion!

Is there an easy way to switch the storage of files from your backend to my personal S3 storage?

Maybe I could make a duplicate copy?

My goal is to have the ability to track and return files that users upload (using the upload component in ShapeDiver) within my existing file managment platform!

Thank you,


Hi @eliwilliams1337, what you are trying to do would require development on your end:

  • create and manage your own S3 bucket
  • implement your own UI which allows your users to upload files, and store them on your S3 bucket
  • feeding the files into the ShapeDiver model would work by using pre-signed URLs to the objects in your S3 bucket

In short, it would mean quite some development for you, and you wouldn’t be able to use our iframe, but instead would need to directly embed our viewer into your web application.

Could you explain in more detail the use case behing ability to track and return files that users upload ?

Thank you for the detailed follow up, I will keep you all up to date on my progress on the above issues!



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