Whats your largest Grasshopper script? [The Hall Of Shame]

The whole point of asking the question was to gauge the size of my project. I had no idea if a ~3000 component definition was typical, large or even unheard of.

I find my work on this project extremely useful. The only comparable piece of commercial software is USD$10,000 per seat per year, well beyond the scope of guys like me wanting to play around with our own designs.

What I now describe my code as is a good prototype of how you might go about writing a kite design plug-in for Rhino.



I’d say any file over 100 components is too big. Even 100 is pushing it. If you find yourself going over, it’s time to start thinking about breaking it up into smaller parts. Either by clusters or by chaining files together using the Data Input and Data Output components.


Anyone for GHGolf?


When three lines of code exceeds my limits:

// Rolf


I think I’m the winner in this contest. This is a 3 component definition which evaluates your
definition length! I mean in theory you can reduce it down to 1 component, but it should at least have some illusion of a good user experience. I find this so useful, could be the prototype of a definition-length-analysis plugin for Rhino!

shortestUsefulScriptEver.gh (5.4 KB)


I feel like I’m reading my horoscope or a fortune cookie.

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If that’s your wish :wink:


oh yes, thanks! this thread entertains me in a weird way:D

:exploding_head:The OCD in me wants to untangle this until it makes sense


Maybe with @Dani_Abalde 's untangler script? Not available yet, I think.


Is it possible to do a button that cleans up and arrange the script automatically?


Look into the AutoGraph plugin by Front Inc.

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Dear @velopl !

May i view your website, i am curious to view this in website

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Unfortunately this is not available online, it’s only for internal work.

Dear @velopl
Thank you for replying to my query ,

Wish i come with this type of script in the coming future to you ,
I am inspired by the way you gave the output

Thank you

To all,

I would like to share a script that isn’t mine and wasn’t made by me, but it sure deserve to be put in here (start watching ar 16:40).

@velopl I think it’s time you create a script that maps your algorithms.

@DavidRutten, Answering “What’s your shortest Grasshopper script which does something useful?”

A client once sent a circular ramp/platform that I had to model in #GDL, it had all the dimensions (length, ramp width, arc’s length) except for inner/outer radius, or the location of the centre. So I used galapagos to find it for me.