What tickbox or command to confine selections to just curves and surfaces that are on CPlane?

having projected curves I am about to draw tan tan rad circles to, to Cplane to avoid those that whip around and are anything but circles due to the curves being in different planes, when I am then selecting the curves I cant tell if I am selecting those on Cplane or those that were projected.

It would be so useful to have an ability to pick curves and surfaces which are on Cplane, .

At the moment I hide those I dont want to be distracted by., but as things get involved and hide A B C are in use etc, a pick only Cplane function would be useful.



There is nothing native in Rhino that can do this as far as I know, below is a script that limits the selection possibility to just planar curves and surfaces that are lying in the active CPlane. All it does is allow you to select those objects and nothing else. However, it is not modally active, and does not work inside of other commands, so you would need use the script every time you want to limit your selection in that way, then once the objects you want are selected, do what you want with them.

SelectOnCPlane.py (1.1 KB)

Does Snap Only to Selected objects work for you from Modelling Aids?

You could select all your curves on the Cplane and start running commands, so the snapping will only work with that preselected geometry.


I guess a combination of these two or just Helvetosaurs might suffice, though the hope was as I just work my way through the project, moving things, scaling etc etc I wanted confinement to Cplane items.

If I have to select all on Cplane, then just moving a certain item would see all move, I really could do with an Osnap option called SelOnlyCplane that can be on like we turn on Project, or gridsnap or Ortho etc. I am surprised we dont have such.


Well, to be honest, yours is the first time I have heard someone ask for this… However, I do suppose it could be useful. Keep in mind that as you move between windows, the active CPlane changes.

I added this as a ‘future’ request: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-59614

i have asked about the same thing while ago. it is not possible natively. i wanted to use it for selecting make2d section geometry and prepare sheets reorienting stuff