What is the rhino c++ api function for cmd TextObject

My system is Rhino 6 C++ SDK
I want to make a 3d solid text with thickness by api function, not by run cmd script.
How can I do?

Hi @john12,

Use RhinoCreateTextObjectGeometry. See rhinoSdkUtilities.h for details. Let me know if you need a sample.

– Dale

Thank you for your reply.
Please give me a sample.

See the SampleAddTextObject command in this example:


– Dale

Thank you for your reply.
But the result of this sample has no thickness.
I need a solid extrusion with thickness, then convert it to mesh.
It is made by run “TextObject” script.
Please give me a sample by c++ api function.

@john12, run SampleAddTextObject not SampleAddText.

– Dale