What is a draft angle?

Please excuse my ignorance but what is a Draft Angle?


Have you checked Rhino help?

Draft angle is often used to design injection-molded parts that must eject from molds.
The draft angle depends on the construction plane orientation. When the surface is vertical/perpendicular to the construction plane, the draft angle is zero. When the surface is parallel to the construction plane, the draft angle is 90 degrees.
The pull direction for DraftAngleAnalysis is the z-axis of the construction plane that is in the active viewport when the command starts.
|Changing the construction plane before using DraftAngleAnalysis lets you define any direction as the pull direction.


Thanks @Mahdiyar,

That’s usually the last resort, the “If everything else fails RTFM” kinda option :crazy_face:

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Shame. Lots of smart people have that attitude; makes them into smart alecs. Please don’t admit to this publicly. McNeel puts a lot of effort into their help and it’s overall pretty darn good. They sure don’t need any excuse to reduce their effort because they think their users find it a last resort.

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Listen, I’m proud of that. My curiosity usually transcends beyond what’s written in some Help or User’s Manual by people with limited overview of how a certain functionality could be used, leading to much larger knowledge and skill acquisition.

Help/Manuals and Tutorials provided along with a software are boring. I’m more of a hands-on kinda person.

Dude, you work in some sort of production and had to ask a support group what a draft angle is. Don’t get cocky about your curiosity “transcending” anything.



I was not familiar with that English Term, Dude! I’m not a native speaker, I did not study engineering in English.


You post enough here that we all have a pretty good idea how smart you are and how proud of it you are. In this case I suspect that you were already quite aware of what a draft angle is but just didn’t know that “draft angle” was the english term for it. In this case the help which you so haughtily disdain would have told you instantly. Those of us who make use of the help really do want McNeel to keep up their effort. We really don’t want their dislike for mundane development activities like improving fillets and blocks to spill over into ignoring the cries for good help.



Just as an addition. Any exterior and interior car part has to be easily releasable from the mold. This is why any part you see when looking at a car has a draft angle of at least 3 degrees. Some metal parts can be released at 1 degree. Some need even 5 degrees. Without this analysis you wouldn‘t be able to validate this on a production model. Very fundamental analysis. Great its finally in there!

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Also, draft angles should be homogeneous or gradually in- or decrease. Strong Variations in it indicate bad surface flows. Draft analysis, at least in Icem Surf can also be misused to easily spot wrong surface normals. Since I don‘t have access to Rh7, I don‘t know if its surface normal dependent here as well, since this rather a shader issue.

Hey Tom,

What is the German word for this?

Listen up kids…

  • If you have something constructive to add to a conversation, please do so.
  • If you aren’t familiar with a term, ask.
  • If your comments are not constructive, then do not post them.

It’s not that hard to behave.


Entformungswinkel = Draft Angle
Abstellung = Flange, Taper Extrude

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To be fair, the term draft angle differs widely from the german term and the term in german is actually not very known, even to engineers. I do understand the confusion with this one. @martinsiegrist I don‘t believe Google helps here

To add to that, Bulgarian Engineering is a mixture of German, Dutch (especially Ship Design), French and Russian terms.

Pretty much every expert brought to Bulgaria after its independence from to Ottoman Empire has brought the terms from their languages.

Draft - on the other hand is such a broad term that you can’t simply understand by reading if you’re not working exactly that or have studied in English.

If only that was an easy task, to search for a German word relying on Google Translate A.I. It is a technical term assuming a word with 10+ letters.

Thanks @TomTom

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I still have to find a German engineer who doesn’t know the term “Entformungsschräge/Entformungswinkel”.
I am not holding my breath.

Sorry if google didn’t help you…

Well if you deal with molds or construction in general you know for sure, but I doubt a naval, structural or electric engineer will necessarily know.
This has been my impression, I mean they could guess right after hearing the term but the other way around its not clear that draft angle is equal to Entformungswinkel… A direct translation would be “Zugwinkel” and this could refer to anything mechanical.