What happend to "Animate inside blocks"?

What happened to “Animate inside blocks”? This option seem to have disappeared in Bongo 2.
Can we please get it back.

thanks, Tobias

Hmmm - I guess it must have been forgotten (since Bongo 2 was re-written from scratch).

I’ll talk to the development team about it on Monday.

  • Andy

Ok Andy, thanks.

Now, 2 service releases further there is still no option to animate inside blocks.
Will we ever get that back?

thx, Tobias

I second the motion.

The next Bongo service release is out again with no option to animate inside blocks.
Please, this is essential. Do I have to go back to Bongo 1 to get that option back???

thx, Tobias


Animate inside blocks missed this service release but it will hopefully be in the next one.

“Hopefully in the next one”… we all know what that means in McNeel terms :wink:
Anyway, at least an answer.

thanks Tobias

Over here animated blocks are useful too!

Ye of little faith.

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Bongo 2.0 SR4 is now available from:
It has the Bongo 1.0 animate inside blocks feature. In order to work it has to be enabled in the Bongo Document properties.

Hi Marika,
Is “Animate inside blocks” removed in the latest SR? I can’t find it in the Bongo Document properties…

thx, Tobias

It should still be there. The help file documentation seems to not have been updated.
Documentation about the feature can be found here:

This is how it looks here:


You have Bongo 2.0 Service Release 1 installed (11-12-2013). The feature was added in SR 4 (11-09-2014).
To get the Animate inside blocks feature, please update your Bongo to the latest version SR 5 (14-11-2014):

Oh, now I remember. A few weeks back I had to restore a backup which had not the latest SR…