What do you think of the 3dRudder to control camera modes?


I’m with 3dRudder, a French start-up, and we designed a foot-powered 3D mouse that can be used while working Rhino 3D to control camera modes with your feet.
Here’s a quick video: Video Rhino3D with 3dRudder

You can navigate within your 3D designs with effortless movements of your feet on the 3dRudder: dolly in/out, pan, orbit, vertical pan & orbital camera. It frees your hand for design only, it also relieves joints and offers transparent commands (you can change perspective and shape your design at the same time). The device is progressive (the more you push with your feet, the quicker you go, and vice versa) and surprisingly intuitive to control.
It’s very easy to install: basically, once you receive the device, you just need to install the plugin within Rhino3D and you’re ready to work. You can visit our page for more info: click here

I’d like very much to hear your opinion about our solution and listen to any advice you might have.

Thanks for your feedback


I don’t like the extra charge for the plugin, nor the subscription model for updates. If I buy the hardware, the software to use it should a) be free, because basically it is a driver, similar to a mouse driver and b) upgrades should be free, again similar to other peripherals. Look at what 3dConnexxion is doing and follow their example.

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I’m just waiting for someone to offer a new subscrition model for wifes. No updates of the hardware :dancer:, only the annual subscription fees :dollar: to enrich your experience. How creative is that? :thinking:

// Rolf

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Have you thought about a rudder that works for those who stand at their desk?

Have to agree with @menno, the extra $$ for drivers and subscription based pricing and support may deter many from giving it a shot.
But I am definitely curious how efficient it works and how well one can get used to it / make it useful in daily work with Rhino. Hope one day I can try it out.


Hi Everybody and thank you for your comments.

I’m glad Jarek is curious about trying it out, as it definitely brings more comfort and efficiency while modeling.

I understand the way we talk about the pricing might be an issue. When we established our pricing, we got more inspired by what’s done in the software market (you pay for a software and then subscribe to upgrades). Though it’s true that we’re not used to paying for a driver when buying a peripheral. I also understand that when buying a device, you want to make sure you’ll have access to the updates without a need to subscribe for them.
It’s good food for thought and it might help us reconsider the way the solution is priced.

Any other comment welcome!

Hi nathanletwory,

Thanks for posting! The 3dRudder is a versatile controller that can be set up in various ways (eg. as a joystick for gamers, as a mouse for people with disabilities, as a motion controller in VR, and of course as a view mode operator for CAD) hence the fact that you need to be seated to use it.
However, we are a start-up with many projects, and we might be developing some different versions within the coming years. So any ideas are welcome!

I’m glad that you would reconsider the pricing, unless you offer a true added value in your software (above and beyond just enabling the device and inter-operating with a large array of CAD programs) subscription based software sales will deter many curious first-time buyers.