Webinar-Grasshopper 3D templates for topology optimization

As part of the Ecosister project, Spoke3, the seminar aims to present how designers can increase sustainability and reduce resource waste using computational design tools.
In particular, it’ll introduce some of the 15 tutorials developed for integrating Lattice Structures, Topology Optimization and 3D printing in the design of consumer goods using the Grasshopper tool, a plugin of the Rhinoceros 3D software together with other advanced tools such as Crystallon, Weaverbird, Alpaca4D, Dendro, MeshEdit, Ngon, Octopus.
The seminar consists of a first part illustrating the developed methodologies and a second, application-based part to provide a practical learning experience for the design of products which, for the same function, use less material and energy and, therefore, are more sustainable.
At the end of the seminar, it will be possible to download the developed templates.
The webinar will be in Italian, but it will be possible to ask questions in English.



Is there any chance there is a recording of the webinar?

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