Wavy Wall Façade from an existing Surface

I’m a bit new to Grasshopper (Using Rhino7) and I was wondering if there was a way, or if anyone had a script, to apply a “wavy” texture to an existing wall facade.

I created a SubD building (for an architecture class) and wanted to make an existing wall/surface have a wavy texture on it outside of the render.

I can extract the section of the wall I want from the SubD, creating an open surface, but every tutorial I find has the wavy facade created from scratch, usually using points or a flat rectangle surface.

I want to take this existing open surface, the face of the wall, and create a parametric/wavy pattern along it for dynamic effect. Is that at all possible?

pls define wavy, as it can be various things

Something similar to this.

The goal of my project is to show the curvature of my building using contours.

I’m hoping I can “bake” in a dynamic pattern from grasshopper into the organic wall forms (open surfaces) so that when I contour the building it highlights the texture of the walls.

I would use SubDtoMesh and then use an expression to move the mesh vertices along their MeshNormal direction.

It looks like the mesh will have a nice rectangular grid to it so you might be able to have a wave function work off the vertices’ effective (u,v) values but if not you could create attractor curves and pull the vertices of the mesh towards or away from them.