Wave-Like Animation In GH

Hello guys, I am new to grasshopper and wondering if anyone could help me with this. I am trying to create a wave-like animation similar to the sketch below. Basically, the idea is when the radius of the circle (ripple/wave) intersects/hit the points, the points move up along the Z direction by X amount and gradually come down when the ripple is further away. Pretty much how waves hit floating objects. I Thanks in advance !!.


maybe this video will help.
try this

Hi Jay, thanks for the reply. The video you posted is a bit different to what I am looking to do. I would like the points to move vertically like a wave. Almost like an audience wave on a sports field

yeah i understand you question but the logic for making wave type is very similar to this video
may be my understanding the main logic form this video will help you to make your desire result .

this video is only for understanding how to create animation from grasshopper and some other important things.

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Sure~! Thanks, I will have a good look !