Watercolouring using Grasshopper

Some tests to replicate work of Erin Dale in Blender.

Test using Cycles rendering in v7. I used and old script from Vicente Soler to be able to make a texture using the color of each vertex of the mesh.

Earlier tests render in render mode not raytraced.



Here some explanations and the script. Always use it with a small amount of vertices on the mesh. When OK augment the number of vertices.
The first idea is to use Noise for the coloring. There is first a threshold to make Island of color. If the value is -1 there are just one part

To make the white (grey here) the trick is to have white at the lower bound of the gradiant

The integer adapt the general scale of the noise

The B adpat finely the scale of the noise

The second B gives some more noise at a lower scale

erindale watercolour V2.gh (30.3 KB)

I must then try to use it with GHShader nodes …


Here a first version using GhShaderNodes. 500 raytraced passes

shader watercolor.gh (17.2 KB)

And now with some bump maps


Thanks for the breakdown of your script. This is really cool.

@laurent_delrieu are you aware of the nodevember.io challenge? Animation is maybe not going to happen easily, but you still should be able to create cool things.

(Alas, no vector displacement node wrapped yet).

Thanks for the link I didn’t understand it was a challenge. But as far the idea is not from me and my work is not as beautiful as Erin Dale work I will not participate with that. But why not with another stuff. Node shader is cool, a bit more simple than GHSL.

I was also rather more thinking of it as using the prompts to see how far one can push Grasshopper, and maybe GhShaderNodes.

Most participants do Blender nodes, but it would be great to see Grasshopper definitions in there doing procedural/parametric geometry a lot.

I agree with that, it is good to show the capability of Grasshopper and GhShaderNodes. I will try to post something with better material and some bumps.