Water Flow Analysis

Hello I am beginner in grasshopper I am trying to derive a concept by doing a water flow analysis on a surface and then want to bake those curves into polylines… I have seen videos on youtube showcasing this but those analysis is flowing water from top to bottom I want to flow water on a plane surface … I also want to add obstacles in between and then run the analysis to get the pattern for the same…I have attached the image representing my concept… Thanks in advance!!

Hi @dhruvinkataria786
Yes, you can find a lot of example on the web or in this forum.
I can suggest making your analysis on a 3D surface and when you have your curves or points just project then onto your flat plane.

Check this tutorial it is very easy to do and explained very good.

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Thank you for your response… I have already been to this post and did the analysis … I want the water to flow into horizontal direction… The water in above post act likes its raining from cloud but I want to study the water flow when you empty the bucket on the floor in horizontal direction…

water flow.3dm (187.5 KB) water flow.gh (10.5 KB)

I have made a gh script based on that! But the problem is that the water flow even above from terrain (in X direction) i want to pass water from around the terrain. Thanks in advance!

Ok I see. You can try making it with kangaroo. It shout be easy to make.
You can also probably think about it in vertical plane as well. Water running from top down. And project back on xy if need it.

Can you post a reference for the same, please!

that same page features other vector field works, maybe they can help you achieve what you want visually?


Thank you so muchhh budyy!!!