Walls inside block

Hello, I have made a block of a floor of apartments which is repeated many times in my model. This blocks contains wall and windows and some other basic polysurfaces. This block was later moved and duplicated many times.
The problem occurs when I try to edit it and the walls move back to the place where they were created making its edit impossible. Same thing happens when I explode them.

Photos and basic file in attachment.

tt.3dm (8.3 MB)


Hi @claudio_cortese, thanks for reporting this issue. I can see the walls go to a different position when you enter into the block edit mode, probably as you say, in the place where they were located when you created the block. Until we don’t fix this, you will need to edit the walls in that original position and do not try to move them where the block you are editing is.

Thanks for the reply.
I hope it will be fixed soon!