Wallacei Parameters

Hi, Wallacei users! I have a few questions to ask about the Wallacei Algorithm Parameters.
(I’ve read all the Pages in Primer and other web sites about this topic but still couldn’t get it :frowning: )

Let’s say that we have a generation that has a size of 10 (Crossover Probability : 0.7, Mutation Probability : 0.4)
The first generation would create random 10 genes, but after that, it gets evaluated by some sort of criteria and the highest 7 would be crossovered for the next generation…right?

  1. But how many offsprings are they going to reproduce? Are they making 7 again? Or is there any value specified?
  2. And the second question, I get that the mutation probability is the percentage of mutations in the next generation. But the mutations are to be made inside the offsprings, right? Then are the 4 mutations in this case made out of 7 offsprings? or from the entire generation?
    3.The third one, are some genes from the first generations kept to the next one? and do new ones( not related to the parent generation & mutation) come in to the new generations? (I’m asking this because of crossover probability) if the crossover probability is 0.7, then what happens to the left 30%?

In advance, Thank you for your help!
And have a nice day!!