Vortex object influence

I am new to the grasshopper community and trying to learn the software. I am looking to take existing 3D models and have them influenced by Mathematical equations. For instance, creating a vortex effect on multiple objects. Any help as to how to do this would be greatly appreciated!

What does this mean? Do you have images or models of before and after you can provide? Or perhaps a paper?

We’ll need much more information to provide any worthy answer.

– Dale

First have a look on Morph Methods (Maelstrom, Splop, Sporph etc etc). Other than that you can define explicitly a classic Trans Matrix (4*4) using some sort of equations for the cell values - but that requires a full understandment of what a Trans Matrix is all about (Google that).

BTW: Are you after that sort of stuff?

BTW: Here’s 2 - rather simple - “vortex” tests (Looped Maelstrom) on grid pipes/random Boxes (done solely via C# … but you can do it using native stuff as well):