Voronoi wont project onto a surface; Help

My Voronoi failed to project onto my undulating surface.
Any assistance would be helpful.

Please upload a) legible screenshots & b) your files. Have a look here:

shaun.gh (17.6 KB)
I’m trying to project my voronoi -Highlighted in green- onto a lofted ceiling. It worked in Rino 5 but when I opened it in Rino 6 the voronoi is scaled down.
I’ve increased the x Y coordinates to fit but it’s still not projecting onto the curved surface.
I’m very new with this program so trouble shooting has been difficult.
The problem is coming from the Brep but I can’t see where the source of the problem is.

Have a look at the attachment.
You could use Fit Curvefunction instead of Pull Curve and by using Offset Surface, you can extrude mapped curves along the surface normal direction.

02_re.gh (11.2 KB)


Thank you HS. I accidently also found a another way.
Instead of the Brep I replaced it with surface and it worked straight away.
I’ll remember this method too as it might help with more complex patterns.