Volvox cloud through GHPython

I’m trying to pass the Volvox cloud through Python component but since the cloud isn’t a GH type I’m not getting it through. What can I do here?

Volvox through (19.1 KB)

Did you turn the type hint off on the input parameter (on my phone, so can’t check the file)?

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Yes. It’s off.

Here’s what’s going on inside the Python.


Btw, I stole the line of guid from your github. Thanks.

I don’t have Volvox installed, but this problem is not happening directly inside the GhPython component AFAICT.

You are asking Grasshopper to convert a Rhino.Geometry.PointCloud to a Volvox param. It’s likely that Grasshopper simply does not know what to do. Could you hover over the red component to tell the error specifically?

What are you trying to do?

If this conversion is not automatic (what conversions are automatic for Volvox? This is something that is important to know – this will affect also Input Hints), you will be able to solve this by first using clr.AddReference() to the right Volvox assembly (or assemblies), then importing the correct types and instantiating them from within GhPython.

Are you in contact with any Volvox devs to ask for more info?