Visual Studio - Autostart a Grasshopper definition?

Is it possible to design the command line argument in Visual Studio so that Grasshopper opens a specified file (for debugging)?

I tried the syntax below, I also tried with double quotes etc, but GH doesn’t open the specified file (although Grasshopper itself autostarts)

// Rolf

This should work.
Skip the save and exit part though. Rhino filepath should be last

Wow, that did the trick!

Is there any documentation on this where I could have found out this myself?

Anyway, many thanks, this helps a lot.

// Rolf

Important (path problem):
I noticed that if defining the file paths in the “Working Directory” field, then Grasshopper doesn’t know which folder the GH definition belongs to, and so it complains with an error message when trying to save the file with CTRL+S. (One has to navigate to the disk folder using “Save As” to resolve this).
Solution: But if using full path in the command line argument, then this probloem goes away.

There’s a list of command line args here:

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