VaSection display slows project down

I find that if I activate a section to display in a particular window or detail view, rhino slows noticeably. A few section views on a layout and it’s too slow to work. Clipping planes do not have this acute effect.

Is this normal?

Hi @djhg, this is not normal. Can you share the 3dm file? What VisualARQ and Rhino versions are you running?

I’m using Va on Rhino 6.11.18348.17061
I’d update Rhino but dimensions won’t work until release 7. (til then any dimension less than 6’ doesn’t have a dimension line. )

I’ve uploaded the file to dropbox. It’s called Turbine 11. It’s dependent file is there also.


Hi @djhg, I can’t reproduce this slow performance with your file. After creating a section and activating it in a Detail View, everthing works pretty fast.
I recommend you to update to VisualARQ 2.5.1. You will need to update Rhino 6 to the last SR as well, since VisualARQ 2.5 requires at least the SR14.

Let me know if the problem persists in your machine with Rhino and VisualARQ up to date.

Have you reported that?

Hi Francesc - that one is known - RH-50656 (not visible to the public) - and the new options have been in Rhino 7 for 3 months now.

I suppose I could download the beta but I am cautious about using beta versions in a professional situation. I welcome thoughts.

Hi - We strongly advice all users to be cautious about using WIPs in production environments.

That said, I suspect that many people only use WIPs - unless they are dependent on plug-ins that aren’t available. When using WIPs, remember to save often, use incremental saves and make sure that you have back-ups in a safe location.

The project slows instantly when it’s activated in modelspace. On page 2 there are an accumulation of six views with Va sections activated and it really slows down.

But even with them deactivated and clipping planes instead, work on the project is quite slow. It takes about 20 seconds for a word to appear when typed into a text annotation.

Maybe Wim would have some advice on this?

Could you please try this with VA 2.5 version and Rhino 6 SR17? I cannot reproduce this behavior with one of your files with these versions, so I assume this problem has been fixed. If it isn’t we will take care of it.

Maybe over the weekend. I’m at work designing sets where most of the dimensions are less than 6’ and any Rhino release after 11 doesn’t draw dimension lines in those conditions. (It’s apparently a response to someone’s request.) If I upgrade to test this out I’ll have to downgrade immediately to keep working. With the 12 hour workdays we are putting in there isn’t a lot of time for this sort of experimentation.

I’m afraid I can’t get to the downgrading and upgrading, but I’d appreciate it if you could.

@djhg Have you tried a workaround for the problem of dimensions less than 6’? Changing the dimension text size or (as a last resort) drawing the dimension lines manually?
Otherwise I regret to say we cannot take a look at VisualARQ issues happening in previous versions that might be fixed in the up to date versions. Please let us know if you are experiencing the same problem in the current 2.5 version and we will take care of it.