V6 wishlist - Fillet (Curve) with Distance from Edge / Rails

Hello there, first post here.

Are there any thoughts on adding DistFromEdge and DistBetweenRails (from FilletEdge) to FIllet (curve)?

I suppose they would be renamed to something like DistFromCorner ChordLength or similar.

Since the algorythm is already there it would be very easy and we have been wanting this for decades :slight_smile:

Hmm… I think I made a script for that sometime in the dim past… yeah, look here:


for ‘SetbackFillet’ - I think that does what you want. Instructions for using the scripts are at the top of that page.


nice! even named SetbackFillet lol.

Neat that it fillets all corners at once for some uses, that should be an option in existing Fillet too.

For general use, it could work per corner or by selecting lines as well.

excellent work, thank you for the fast response.

do you find it reasonable to add something like described above officialy in Rhino?

Hello - yep, this has come up before - hence my script - but I do not see a bug track item right off hand that covers it - I’ll make one, it does not hurt to repeat.