V5 bug ? properties grid line count sees a date appear when trying to enter a value

file properties select grid and try to enter a value and instead a date appears over this and wont let you enter a value !

anyone else get this.
This is a first and new install of V5 with its updates and I cant create a grid extent.

Thus I am dead in the water…game over.

V4 is ok

Is this a bug in V5 ?


I’ve had a similar problem when trying to change the property which is on the displayed sub-menu the properties menu is opened.

Simple work-around: Click on a different sub-menu such as Mesh or Units, then go back and click on the menu with the property you want to change (Grid in your example).

Hi David,

Might I ask what video card are you running and is its driver up to date, how was it with V4 ?


Can you repeat this? What are the exact steps? What version of Windows?



Yes, very repeatable. Just checked both computers with Rhino.

Computer 1. Windows 7, AMD Radeon HD3770 graphics, AMD driver 8/30/2013
Rhino Version 5 SR8 64-bit (5.8.40224.15545, 2/24/2014)

Open Rhino
Click on Properties under File
Properties pop-up menu opens with Mesh highlighted
Move cursor over pop-up menu and my name and date appear in the area with the mesh properties. Can not modify any mesh parameters.
Move cursor to Units and click - now okay.
Move cursor to Mesh and click - now okay.

Computer 2 Windows 8.1, NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M driver NVIDIA, 3/8/2014; Intel HD Graphics 4600 Driver Intel 12/18/2013

Behaves the same as Computer 1 except Grid is highlighted rather than Mesh when Properties pop-up menu opens.

This has been happening for several years with beta versions of Rhino 5. In the past Units was highlighted when opening the Properties menu.

My recollection is it also happened with Rhino 4 but am not certain.

I’ve become used to it so it’s a minor annoyance for me, not a major problem. But it was alarming the first several times it happened.

Thank you- I see it- I have never noticed or heard of this before that I recall - thanks, Steve and David- we’ll fix it.

@JohnM do you see this?

bug: http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-24906



This issue cropped up during V5 WIP phase, and then was fixed, so I was a little surprised when it began happening again a couple of months back. Since then I always use Options instead of DocumentProperties to open the pop-up, and the behavior is normal that way, I suppose because it won’t open to the Grid screen as Properties always does for me. Also, closing and re-opening the window works, as the issue only shows up the first time properties is invoked during a session.

It looks like this was broken on 8 March 2012 when RR100125 got fixed, the problem had to do with displaying the summary page after removing it from the tree control. The fix will be available in the next Rhino service release.

Still occurs with the just released Version 5 SR8 64-bit (5.8.40305.11495, 3/5/2014)

I believe by “next service release”, John means SR9.

Just using V5 and this is still happening to me.

Is there a fix for it now ?

Also, closing and re-opening the window works, as the issue only shows
up the first time properties is invoked during a session.

That doesnt work for me.

What did work was selecting e.g mesh then go back to grid.