V5 Bug -Network Srf

If you use -NetworkSrf pause a p b p c p d p Enter, it correctly sets the edge continuity in the command line but then ignores it and build what I think are tangent continuities.

Hi Eric- can you post your input objects? In my quick test this seems to work - if the surfaces are all perfectly organized, it may give good continuity no matter what the settings are though.


It behaved 100% as expected when I dropped the ‘-’ and ran it with the gui. Also, I could not append the command with Repeat for some reason (see the picture with the command I scripted)

-NetworkSrfIssue.3dm (383.5 KB)

Hi Pascal,
I can repeat this here, more or less - despite the fact that all edges are set to position via macroing A P Enter…, only edge A gets position continuity, the others seem to keep tangency.

Another indicator is that none of those edge settings stick, they all revert to tangency on the next execution of the command.


It would be nice if the Networksrf GUI had a 5th column for ‘Set All’. I started scripting it because I was tired of click Position or Curvature 4 times in a row depending on the case.

Yep, got it now- thanks.

BTW, @EricM, in fooling around with this I untrimmed one of your surfaces because I saw the isocurves were not looking too good near the edges - the surface is much more wobbly than you might expect right there, just FYI (Red in the image = original trims)


I know. This is related to my other post about being able to take curves I supply and use them as isocurves for a new surface. I had a lot of profile curves and could not get Rhino to omit adding extra isocurves or radically changing the degree. If I left out some profile curves, it lost it’s shape. If I put them in, it added extra isocurves between that gave it kinks.

I know the isocurves of U start at a control point for the V edge and vice versa. I’m fine with the complexity of building an isocurve network, I just needed the ability to turn it into a surface. My other option was to go back and manually delete a hundred added isocurves.