V-Ray tools / lighting tools

I’ve made some tools to make working with V-Ray more productive. reflectLight and moveLight don’t depend on V-Ray

Also I made a toolbar.

The RUI points at d:\scripts\VRay so if you want to store your scripts elsewhere, you will need to modify the toolbar.

Please feel free to use, and hopefully give me some feedback for improvements.

Most is documented in the scripts. The tools are:

customRes: to set a custom resolution through command line. Useful to quickly set often used resolutions through a button (first toolbar icon uses this to set A4/A3 size)
changeRes : to scale a resolution by a factor. I use this often to switch the resolution to half or double size (second button uses this to either increase or decrease by factor 2)
swapRes : to swap x and y resolution (in other words toggle between portrait and landscape)

reflectLight: place a (rectangular) light by its reflection (this is in its infancy, because it will modify the distance to the object)
So therefore I also have this tool:
moveLight: move a light in the direction it is aimed at

note: The reflectLight tool will work for spots and for rectangular lights + it doesn’t alter the shape of the spotlight like _EditLightByHighlight does

you can download them here:


Hi Gijs,

thank you for sharing you tools. :slight_smile:

Do you have an idea why I get this message:

Error loading toolbar file “C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Extra 6\Gijs tools\Vray-Tools.rui”.


I don’t know, but I realized I uploaded an old rui, can you try again?
Other than that there should be no major differences with the scripts I shared previously through Chaosgroup discourse.

It’s the same, the rui can’t be opened.


sorry, I don’t know why you get this error. There are a few threads here that are related to .rui files not loading, maybe these help? If I download the file it opens correctly here. Did you use the Clone or download button on github and then unzip the package?

I don’t see a download or close button, also there is no zip. I used the right mouse button context menu and downloaded file by file.

@micha Yes there is only a download link for all scripts in a repository it seems, so if you click on python you will see a download/clone button

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Great, I found it and now it works. Thank you very much!

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Hello @Gijs ,

The reflectLight cannot use for mesh surface objects, can you fix this? Now this is only use for nurbs surfaces.

@Alen_Russ yes I will look if that’s possible. Should be not to hard I suspect.

@Gijs Thank you very much.

@Alen_Russ this is now fixed :slight_smile:

Yes, it works well. Thanks

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