Using Rhino Remotely During COVID-19

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No, they login once, and then when they start Rhino, it will get a license from the Cloud Zoo each time they start.

Currently running users are unaffected; people who try to access Rhino when no licenses are available will be told that no licenses are available, and will not be able to start Rhino.


Awesome, @Brian! Thanks for the quick reply!

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Wasn’t there something about when a student stops working but doesn’t close Rhino discussed in a previous topic some time ago?

oh, that is an interesting scenario that I didn’t think about yet. I am curious what is the thing to do in such a case when a student is hoarding the license, @Brian.

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Or even just forgetting to close. Or getting distracted with full intentions to “get right back” and then getting even more distracted. It’s not always intentional even though in the end the result is the same for those who could use the license.


The behavior in this case is identical to using the Zoo server in your local environment. If Rhino is running, it consumes a license. When Rhino is not running, it does not consume a license. None of our code is smart enough to discern user intent or activity.

For information:
I have installed file form NVIDIA on my remote computer which gives my GTX ability to work remotely with opengl 4.6 and RDP. They have added it recently. Update of drivers is recomended first. Link below:
For me it works fine with Rhino 5. No lags which blocked me before.

Hi, one of our students is having trouble getting the license from the Cloud Zoo license. It’s still showing Rhino 6 as Evaluation mode, and only a few days left. This was from a previous install for evaluation. The student has logged successfully in to the team for a license, and the help,about,license shows the correct login, but in evaluation mode. Also have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it still shows evaluation. Any clues please? Thanks.

tools>options>license> change license-

he needs to change his eval license to a cloud zoo login-

make sure he does it before the eval expires, or he cannot save and his unsaved work will be gone.

(all previously saved work is safe)

Hi, Rhino downloads aren’t working. I need to redownload the entire Rhino. 263MB is problematic for me from the main servers, please give me a mirror ASAP…

Hi @aeaechan96 can you please tell me more? Where are you located in the world?

Our downloads are served from which is backed by Amazon CloudFront, and should be very reliable and fast worldwide. We don’t have an alternate server to host our files on.

so i tested NoMachine and it’s pretty good. It might need some tuning where window’s start menu takes longer to appear, probably because of display effects. Otherwise it’s a decent RDP replacement.

I tried a semi complex model and it was fluid - but not instantaneous. It’s also fun to watch yourself controlling either end and seeing the updates over NoMachine. I did not try Rendering.

I also installed zoo on my main PC and now working with the laptop in the garden - you guys are Rhino are the best!

It doesn’t seem like Rhino seems to care to fix this problem - the only suggested solution seems to be buying more licenses.

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Brian commented on this above…

We are all ears if you have an idea how you think we should solve the issue, please share.

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" Kyle Houchenstheoutside


tools>options>license> change license-

he needs to change his eval license to a cloud zoo login-

make sure he does it before the eval expires, or he cannot save and his unsaved work will be gone.

(all previously saved work is safe)"

Thanks Kyle - we had tried changing it via that and it didn’t work.
I can confirm that once the trial version expired, Rhino then reverted to using the correct license (where the student had already got the license previously from the team), requiring no additional configuration.

If anyone is still looking for a solution: Anydesk works well with Rhino in my experience. I frequently have to do some CAD work on clients computers in Germany (I’m based in spain). It’s mainly AutoCad, but have also used it to run Rhino on my machine from some mediocre tablet… I’m doing shop interiors, event architecture and the like, so nothing crazy complex, but for what i need it works well. The only time it really starts to lag is when i try to use the interactive Vray viewport…

What about Rhino 4. Any chance to use it remotely from a school Lab?

Hi -
The Rhino Cloud Zoo is only available for Rhino 6 and up.
For Rhino 4, you would have to look into any of the Remote Desktop solutions out there.

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