Using inflation pressure to deform another mesh

Hi all,

Is there a way to use the action of inflation to deform another mesh? Imagine two balls (A and B). A starts to inflate and eventually pushes and deforms B. Now, I want A to deform B as much as A is deformed by B. I’ve seen examples of A being deformed by B (think a ball in a rigid cage) but not the former. I’ve tried softbody colliders but it requires that both start inflating, which is not what I want.

I tried reversing the ball in a cage example like below (making the points mesh B and the solid mesh A - assuming now that the inflating mesh A does not deform but B does). but it ends up that nothing is colliding.

Hi Daniel,

This does not seem to be what I’m looking for as I want the action of inflating to deform another mesh not that it is already inflated. Also, that the ball is a placeholder for any general mesh model. Essentially, what I want is to somehow get mesh A to start inflating and per inflation step, deform mesh B. Currently I can do something similar:

But I want one of them to not inflate. Is there a way to set goals (A inflate, B not inflate) on each separate mesh and then combine them for the soft body collider?

Never mind, I fixed it, looks a bit clunky but it works! Just needed to change unidirectional in SPC to False.


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