Update Material in a linked file

Hi, I am using linked block in a file and find out that after editing material in a linked file, the object in a main file remains as it was inserted first time.

Image above shows the main file on the left side and linked block file on the right side.
Both files should look same but not.

main.3dm (71.5 KB)
block.3dm (39.6 KB)

  • If I change the block type to embed, it works normally
  • I checked “Rendered” and “Raytraced” view and neither of them works

Is it a bug?
Any clue will be helpful.

Seems to be working here:

Hi Nathan,

Thank you for your reply.

I think you check on Mac but my case is on Windows and it seems there is a difference.

This is still a problem, is there a solution from McNeel yet?