UntrimAll + block selection slows Rhino to a crawl

I have a handfull of Exploded surfaces around a not very complicated nested Block:


  1. If I run the command UntrimAll
  2. Drag select across everything
  3. Rhino just freezes for a minute

And remains fairly unresponsive until I deselect everything (by repeatedly hitting esc).

The bad thing is that even if I do a selection filter for surfaces only not only does the slowdown still occur, but the same highlight as in the screenshot above appears, indicating that for some reason, the nested block still got selected…

I have no idea if anything in the nested block would have been untrimmed, because Rhino simply becomes too unresponsive to continue at this stage.

Tested this on two different machines, SR29.

Hello- yeah, the command should not allow selection in a block, I am pretty sure that can be fixed- thanks for pointing it out.
RH-60508 Filter out block instances